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A very special feature of the Institute is its publication of the Journal entitled "Pakistan Journal of History and Culture (English) Mujallah Tarikh wa Saqafat-i-Pakistan (Urdu)" is to advance research.


NIHCR has published round about 200 English and Urdu Books click below to see list of all publications


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 Books in English  Books in Urdu 

Cultural History of Pakistan: Culinary, Kitchen Cuisine and Khaabay of Lahore

Index of Civil & Military Gazette Lahore 1919-1935

Muslim Response to the West: Muslim Historiography in India 1857 - 1914

Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan: A Politcal Biography


NIHCR Catalogue: Academic, Reference and Higher Education Books

Asian History, Culture and Environment: Vernacular and Oriental 

Pakistan Abstract of Social Science Vol. VIII

Pakistan Abstract of Social Science Vol. VII

Muslim Politics and Leadership in South Asia (1876-92)



The Role of North West Frontier Province Women in the Freedom Struggle for Pakistan (1930-1947)


Jenkins and the Partition of Punjab 1947


Evolution and Development of Mosque Architecture in Sindh


North-West Frontier Province: History..



Leader of Pakistan Movement-I


Ethnicity, Islam and Nationalism:


Aspects of the Pakistan Movement


Reforming the Pukhtuns and Resisting the British


The Dawn of New Era in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


British Historiography of South Asia:..


Mughal-Afghan Relations In South Asia:...

Foundation of Pakistan Vol. II

Foundation of Pakistan Vol.I

Cumulative Index

The case for Pakistan

All India Muslim League & the Creation of  Pakistan

Historical Forts in Pakistan

Political Organizational and Military Leadership in Pakistan

Uchchh History and Architecture

Islam and the Challenges of Modernity 

Friends Indeed


Iqbal and Modern Muslim Society

Pakistan: Its ancient Hindu Temples and Shrines


گوجرانوالہ : ثقافتی و سیا سی  تاریخ

رنگہائے پشتو ادب: مجموعہ مضامین

Turk Islami Riyasaton Ki Aik Mukhtasar Tareekh

Hyat-e-Qalandar Shahbaz

Mather-e-Millat Mohterma Fatima Jinnah Ke Aham Waqiat

Mather-e-Millat Qomi Akhbarat Ki Nazar Men

Fatawa Jahandari


Kitab Qaum Joya




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