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The Role of North West Frontier Province Women in the Freedom Struggle for Pakistan (1930-47)


Author:  Shabana Shamaas Gul Khattak & Akhtar Hussain


Price in Pak Rupees: Rs. 500/-


ISBN: 978-969-415-130-4


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The Role of North West Frontier Province Women in the Freedom Struggle for Pakistan (1930-47) examines and explores the role of Frontier women in the freedom struggle for Pakistan. In the traditionally conservative NWFP society, the active participation of women in the freedom struggle through modern political techniques is a novel and interesting phenomena, while keeping in view the social trends, which does not allow such activities for its womenfolk. However, it was the great urge for freedom and widespread hatred against alien rule which attracted the women too, to play an active role in this regard, putting aside the social and cultural taboos of the society. Therefore, rural and urban, educated and uneducated women took active part and worked side by side with their menfolk for the larger national cause. These freedom fighters may be little known or unknown, but their task was great and they performed it with an admirable degree of success. This was a massive achievement of the NWFP women who in spite of their socio-economic backwardness of the region, vigorously participated in the active politics. These women were deeply involved in the freedom struggle; first from the platform of Khudai Khidmatgar Movement (1930s) and later on in 1940s they were joined in their activities by the Frontier Zanana Muslim League women workers. The book further focuses on analyzing the events and circumstances, which led to women participation in politics and the sources of their inspirations, encouragement and support with a discussion on their methods and techniques they resorted to contribute to the freedom struggle that eventually resulted the making of Pakistan.


Shabana Shamas Gul Khattak (PhD) has recently completed Postdoctoral study from SOAS, University of London. Until recently she wrote her father's name (Shamas Gul Khattak) to acknowledge his inspirational role in her academic life, but now she is keeping her gender identity too. Dr. Khattak received her Diploma in English Studies from Cambridge College of Advance Studies, before step in to her MA in Education at Brunel University West London. Her desire from escaping the traditional role of Pukhtun women, took her to the Doctoral Study at Middlesex University London. Her feminist study explored gender issues in higher education in Pakistan with special reference to Khyber Pukhtunkhwah, her native province. She is the author of four book chapters and number of international journal articles and is currently working on two books proposals, one as an author and others as an editor. Her main areas of interest are; gender, culture and religious discourses, feminism (particularly Islamic feminism), higher education, women's studies, social justice and language politics in Khyber Pukhtunkhwah.


Akhtar Hussain (PhD) studied his Doctorate at National Institute of Pakistan Study (NIPS) Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and currently working as Assistant Professor of Political Science at International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. He is the author of a book entitled: "The Politics of Alliances in Pakistan (1954-1999)" and numbers of national and international research articles. He has been a visiting faculty at Quaid-e-Azam and IQra University Islamabad. Dr. Hussain research interest are; History, Politics, political parties and Alliances, Language, Feminist Politics and socio-political and religious trends in South Asia.





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