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Leader of Pakistan Movement-I
- Edited:  Sajid Mahmood Awan/Syed Umar Hayat
- Price in Pak Rupees: Rs. 600/-
- ISBN: 978-969-415-132-8

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The Leaders of Pakistan Movement edited by Awan and Hayat is to the history of Pakistan what the Sapiens by Yuval Noah Hararie is to history of mankind and A Brief History of time by Stephen Hawkings is to history of cosmos-all the three tracing the evolutionary process of their subject from its genesis to the apex.

Tracing varying dynamics of the history of Freedom Movement or for that matter the different reflections of the history of Pakistan was not an easy task to be dispensed by any accustomed individual perfectly. To tackle with this encyclopedic venture, the NIHCR pronounced to assemble a galaxy of scholars to delve on the subject. In this pursuit an international conference on the subject matter was organized on December 30-31, 2007 in Islamabad. Forty-five papers were presented in the conference. After a thorough scrutiny only thirty four papers- twenty four in English and ten in Urdu—were selected to be furnished on the pattern of the NIHCR publication. Another marathon endeavor was invested on their refinement, editing, proofreading and improvement to craft them as publish worthy which was not less than almost rewriting of the whole manuscript. It took more than a decade to bring the first part of its present form as an anthology of source orientation on the subject. Completion of the task however requires a follow up of its second part in Urdu.




Sajid Mahmood Awan is an unconventional writer and keeps writing on the political, social, historical and literary issues habitually. Presently he is serving as Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research (NIHCR), Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. His first book The Collection of Multan Records: Pre and Post-Independence Official Documents of Punjab (1852-2004) was an outcome of a joint linkage project of the HEC entitled “Multan Regional Studies Specialisation”. It was run in collaboration with the Royal Holloway College, University of London during his stay at the BZU, Multan. His second book Muslim Worldview and Family Planning in Pakistan was published in 2013 from the NIHCR. In 2014 he started the annual publication of Pakistan Abstract of Social Sciences (PASS) of which three volumes have appeared so far. He has published a number of research articles in the reputed journals of social science at home and abroad and has presented papers in the national and international conferences. He also had the honour to present Repertoire Report of three international conferences.


Dr. Syed Umar Hayat did his M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. from the Department of History, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. The title of his M. Phil, thesis was “Organization of Islamic Conference and the Palestine Issue” under the supervision of late Prof. Dr. Waheed-uz-Zaman. The title of his Ph.D. dissertation was “All-India Muslim League in Bengal during 1937- 47” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Razia Sultana. He has the credit to be the Patron of the four volume conference proceedings titled: Asian History, Culture and Environment: Vernacular and Oriental Paradigms published by the NIHCR. He has contributed research papers in the numerous HEC recognized high quality journals of Pakistan. His major fields of research are Freedom Movement, Politics, Sufism and International Relations. He has contribute more than 25 research papers on the aforementioned subjects in numerous high quality research journals. He has already published an edited book titled: “Quaid-i-Azam and Allamah Raghib Ahsan Correspondence (1936-47)”. Another book authored by him on the Politics of the All-India-Muslim League is being published shortly by the NIHCR.







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