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Jenkins and the Partition of Punjab 1947
- Author:  Farah Gul Baqai
- Price in Pak Rupees: Rs. 700/-
- ISBN: 978-969-415-133-5

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The book Jenkins and the Partition of Punjab: 1947 is a valuable addition to the exiting literature concerning partition of Punjab. It depicts the crucial role of Jenkins as the last governor of Punjab who till last moment served to his best the interest of British Government though with heavy loss to the Muslim cause. No doubt, the cost paid by Muslims of South Asia for securing freedom was immense but they eventually succeeded to achieve an independent state against all odds. Now Pakistan has a long way to go; its people must have full comprehension of their past, so that they could value independence and work hark hard to improve their present circumstances. This book is the reflection of sacrifices, human tragedies, losses and achievements the Muslims of South Asia experienced in the last days of the British Raj.


Surely, nations progress only when they honor the people who took pains and endanger their lives so their fellow countrymen can be secure and prosper. Almost millions lives were sacrificed at the time of partition on both sides of the border of Punjab. We are indebted to all those who have perished in this struggle for independence, as gratitude it is our duty to teach our children to remember those sacrifices of our forefathers and to respect fellow beings and work hard to make our state strong and prosperous.


Since people on both sides of the border suffered and both had cried and felt an intense pain in this bifurcation of East and West Punjab therefore an objective record of those events such as the current study can help mitigate sorrows of the past and enlighten the future course of relations between the two sides. Respecting each other as close neighbours could help in development of both the states as for the creation of which both have paid heavy prices in the form of human tragedies and material loss.

Dr. Farah Gul Baqai, Senior Research Fellow NIHCR, did her Ph.D. from the Department of History, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, in 2013. Prior to that her discipline remained History in her M.Sc. and M. Phil. degrees from the same Department. She joined the NIHCR as a Research Fellow in 1989 and since then she is contributing as a Research Scholar in the same organization. Later on, She has been promoted as a Senior Research Fellow in the NIHCR. She had started her association the editing process of the Urdu Journal "Majallah Tarikh wa Saqafat-i-Pakistan" since 2001. She was promoted as the Editor of the same journal in 2011.


Dr. Farah has so far published a sizeable number of research articles both in English and Urdu Languages in the reputed research journals. Moreover, she has contributed a large number of articles in the leading national dailies/periodicals on the subject of history and culture. Her monograph titled "The Role of Women in the Pakistan Movement" has been published in 2011. Furthermore, she has contributed research conferences / seminars. Her aforementioned publications focused primarily on History of the Punjab and the Freedom Movement.





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