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Evolution and Development of Mosque Architecture in Sindh
- Author:  Shaikh Khurshid Hasan
- Price in Pak Rupees: Rs. 1300/-
- ISBN: 978-969-415-116-8

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Needless to say that Mosques have great importance in the world generally and in Pakistan especially. In our Homeland these religious institutions have been playing a special role in the Social, Political and Cultural life of the society. In this part of the globe like other parts of the Muslim world evolution of the mosque architecture has been a remarkable phenomenon since the advent of Islam. In this respect the province the province of Sindh has a pioneering role in founding one of the oldest mosque architectures. Nevertheless, in the efforts of doing justice with the history of Pakistan, the evaluation of mosque culture and architecture all over the country is a genuine requirement, but as the province of Sindh being the Babul Islam (Pathway of Islam), possessing special significance. Hence, evolution and development of mosque architecture in Sindh seems to be a priority. The National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research, which is responsible for undertaking coordinated research and development efforts in the domain of history and culture of Pakistan, is continuously making efforts to bring forth authentic research-based publications to rejuvenate the historical memory of the nation. Obviously, we hope to undertake such activity with respect to other provinces and regions of Pakistan in future.


Born on 4th April, 1929, Shaikh Khurshid Hasan, an archaeologist of repute, holds a Post-Graduate Degree in General History and a Diploma in "Archaeology" from Rome University. Apart from in service training, he received specialized training in the fields of "Archaeology and Museology", from foreign Institutes.


He joined the Federal Department of Archaeology in April 1952 and retired in April 1988. He held various senior positions in the Department and also served as its Director General. With more than 36 years service in the Department, his contribution has been varied and multifaceted from archaeological research, conservation and preservation of architectural heritage to the development of museums, organization of special exhibitions of cultural relics both at home and abroad and serving many Commissions and Committees, set-up by the Government of Pakistan and Specialized Organizations. He also acted as Secretary, Quaid-e-Azam Relic Commission, set-up by the Govt. of Pakistan in 1969.


The Islamic art and architecture and conservation of historical monuments are, however, Mr. Hasan's main fields of specialization. He has contributed many research articles on various aspects of the Cultural Heritage of Pakistan, which were published both in national and foreign Journals of repute. He is author of several research books. Worth-mentioning are (i) Chaukhandi Tombs in Pakistan, (ii) Islamic Architectural Heritage of Pakistan (Funerary Memorial Architecture), (iii) Historical Forts of Pakistan, (iv) Ancient Hindu Temples and Shrines in Pakistan, (v) "Religious Architecture of Gandhara, Pakistan-Buddhist Stupas and Monasteries" and (vi) "Welfare Aspects of Muslim Architecture in Pakistan".


Among the several books co-authored by him, is "Mohenjodaro, a 5000 year old legacy". It was published by UNESCO in 1981, as part of its international campaign to save Mohenjodaro.







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